“Those three dots…”

This is a PSA.

Okay, not true.

More of an annoyance.

When somebody says “those three dots” or “the little dots” some variation to describe a button that provides extended or additional information, there’s an actual effing name for it, and it’s not “the three dots”.

It’s called an ellipsis.

Used appropriately, the ellipsis in text indicates that a thought has trailed off or that it represents other, related ideas or thoughts. It could also be used to represent “more”.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop referring to it as “the three dots”.

It’s singular. It could be “an ellipsis” or sometimes “the ellipsis”. There’s even a unicode version:

What does it look like? Well…

You could even simplify it from three syllables down to one: call it “more”.

But it’s most certainly not called “those three little dots”.

Ahead, Slow

Maintenance work on a sailboat, like transmissions and dental work, will not improve with time. They need to be tended to regularly and correctly. Not ignored and not with improvised efforts.

After nearly two years of what I’ve already endured, and now re-entering fall and winter, I’ve observed the to years’ of non-use of my sailboat has still incurred those two years’ worth of maintenance… time takes it toll.

The list of little tasks continues to grow. I’ll need to see to making space to store the Lady Ann in a garage so I can address the neglected maintenance, and the additional deterioration from the neglected maintenance itself.