Highly Annoyed

I’m annoyed with an organization with which I’ve not worked for three years. Apart from the abrupt concealment of our open-source contributions shortly before my departure, it seems they also weren’t entirely forthright with me about my role (I should redact this post). According to the records they had released to TheWorkNumber, the title I had prior to the layoff wasn’t an official title — but was a title that was a few years old.

And why the date discrepancies? Might it be that my resumé only addresses roles held in the past ten years? Are they looking for my complete history back to 1985?

And then there’s a curious issue with my degree from 2002. Granted, the school no longer exists, but HireRight seems to have established contact with DTC, which then reported that they haven’t any history of my attendance.

Okay, here’s a copy of my diploma and, while unofficial, here’s the transcript that I’d received from DeVry/DTC a few years ago.

HireRight, doing a background check, has marked my background with discrepancies, which, no doubt, will result in an abrupt retraction of an offer that an employer had made.

Highly Annoyed

Well, Crap…

I started feeling poorly very rapidly the evening of the last day of AMT school.

And the day after, here’s the very, very positive test.

It’s positive, but I’ll just yell it at you.

Yes, there absolutely can be false-positives. But this doesn’t feel like any illness I’ve endured before. So, yep, positive.

I can only imagine how catastrophic it would’ve been had I not already been fully vaccinated with two additional boosters.