Khaki Canvas is Black?

This appears to be some strange new variety of the color black with which I was previously unfamiliar:

Khaki Canvas is the New Black?

Alternative Douglas Adams reference: “Every time you try to operate on of these weird black controls that are labelled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you’ve done it.”

Exorcisms On Tap?

Having a look at the maintenance manual to order a repair part for a pressure washer. Stumbled across this gem in its troubleshooting section:

Problem: water stream starts and stops by itself. Possible cause: ghost in machine. Resolution: persuade the ghost to leave.

IKEA Furniture Sucks!

Somebody the other day was talking about Walmart/Target/flat-pack furniture and insisted that if you want “quality furniture” then you’ll have to buy from _______________ [fill-in some fine-furniture purveyor].

“Oh, I’ve bought their stuff before and it’s complete crap. Breaks. Falls apart. Gets destroyed before you’re done putting it together…”

Uh-huh… do you know why IKEA furniture falls apart?

It’s not because it’s made from cheap particle board.

You don’t want to hear the answer and you won’t like it.

Are you ready?

Are you sure you’re ready?


You are the reason everything that you assemble from IKEA falls apart. You do the assembly. In several ways, it’s higher quality material than is used in the construction of “builder-grade” cabinetry.


Or, put another way, two to the power of one hundred twenty-eight.

2 128

“So, Mister Smarty-Pants, how much is that?”


Or, if you like it written out, it’s [takes deep breath]…

Three hundred forty undecillion two hundred eighty-two decillion three hundred sixty-six nonillion nine hundred twenty octillion nine hundred thirty-eight septillion four hundred sixty-three sextillion four hundred sixty-three quintillion three hundred seventy-four quadrillion six hundred seven trillion four hundred thirty-one billion [gasps for air] seven hundred sixty-eight million two hundred eleven thousand four hundred fifty-six.

How much is that again?

That’s how many unique objects can be theoretically addressed on the internet.

I’ll stick to non-routable IPv4 on my private network, thanks.

The Continuing Saga of…

I’m still annoyed, but the offer from a prospective employer was sustained, not retracted — they’re still quite happy to have me and, frankly, I’m quite happy to contribute.

In fact, they’ll be happy to have me and a few classmates from the SCC AMT program even without our full certifications* yet.

As my own story continues to unfold into the next chapter in life, here’s how it goes so far:

I met briefly with a recruiter (for about 15 minutes, TBH) for Boeing Aircraft who extended an offer on the spot to for an aircraft maintenance role.

I accepted.

Of course, Boeing management countered with a number of contingencies. Work history, criminal background, credit, education, drug screen, etc.

Contingencies were all met.

And, as of this morning, I can officially tell the world that I’ll be assuming a maintenance and inspection role in Moses Lake after a month of Boeing process training in Seattle.

Oh! I have so many things to get sorted in the next four weeks.

*The role with Boeing Aircraft doesn’t require an A&P certification, but none of us is prepared to forego our certifications. The whole point of putting in the time was to gain our certs.