We know there are still some things that the house needs and a few things still in need of repair–yet a “perfect” house in this area sells for even more.

But the buyer objected and insisted on some remediation: new furnace and swamp cooler, replacing aluminum wiring… Things that, while achievable, aren’t on our personal roadmap.

No, I think we’ve done quite enough to the house and it’s time for somebody else to pick up where we’re leaving off.

Yes, we can negotiate the price a bit, but I’m afraid we don’t have the time or resources to attain somebody else’s goals just now.

Busy day!

In no particular order:

Got the trailer spare replaced–actually, it’s the road rim that’s been in spare-duty for 6 months. The whole process of replacing the spare could’ve been so much less headache-inducing if the retailer had their logistics sorted out. But at least it’s done now, so I can swap them out tomorrow.

Got the hiking shoes replaced so we can be a bit more prepared for the coming deer season.

Also for deer season, we picked up a larger cooler. Quite possibly guaranteeing that I don’t get a deer.

Swapped out some stuff in storage.

Coordinated the fifth wheel hitch and air springs for the next trailer–and optionally a Sidewinder pin-box.

We also got the tablets set up on a new carrier today. We were going to port our mobiles over, too, but it turns out that our current carrier has a painful process to port out, so we’ll just wait three weeks for the contract to expire the we’ll just term the old account then swap the new SIMs in.

Then there was also the stop to pick up a priority backup solution for my work laptop: $90 for a 2TB USB drive sounds reasonable to me.

Emptied the PO box of he last two weeks’ mail.

And now, we have a 2.5hr drive back “home”.

Yep, busy day.