An RV Update

It seems like a lot of things fell into place the moment we closed on our house.

One huge thing that will change for us–aside, obviously, from the whole “unlocation” thing–is that we’ll also be upgrading our tiny, 17’ Jayco hybrid travel trailer to a much, much larger trailer. While we have stayed relatively comfortable for several weeks at a time in our trailer, we’ve never intended to make the tiny trailer our long-term unlocation home.

Saturday, we started making some calls to a few dealers to locate the specific trailer we wanted. After a bunch of calls, lots of questions, and several emails, we finally submitted a deposit with one specific dealer.

About three weeks from now, we’ll prep our little Jayco for its last long trip out to Indiana to be traded for a new fifth wheel.

Very excited and bit anxious–okay, a lot anxious. Hoping everything goes smoothly between now and then!