Objections, Part 2

We objected to their objections. There was the usual back and forth posturing between our realtors:

  • this is unreasonable
  • that’s unsafe
  • your client’s a big doody-head
  • I know you are, but what am I?

…and, thus, an agreement was made.

We’ll credit the buyer $2k at closing toward a new furnace. A replacement unit for our, “” unit will only cost about $1k, but the removal, installation, disposal, and inspection costs will be a few $K more. $2K seems reasonable to me.

I’ll do some repair to the cooler and demonstrate it does, indeed, actually work – never mind that we had only turned off the water to it while we were away for five days as we don’t leave water on while we’re gone for more than an overnight… by the way, you also do turn off the water in your RV whenever you leave, right?  Right?

I’ll also add another smoke and carbon monoxide detector in the basement. I could just relocate the ones that are down there already, but I believe their proximity to the actual sources of carbon monoxide (in the utility room) is safer than anywhere else. So, I’ll just put one outside the bedroom like FHA recommends.

And, while not in the final contract, I’ll also correct a wiring issue in an unused, unfinished space.