Illness in the RV

We are still in recovery.

4 days of travel from Colorado to Washington state, last Wednesday till Saturday. Miss M took sick in the Pathfinder Friday and at first we thought it was stress of the last weeks paired with a few days of road food and a milk intolerance. I know I was suffering some myself from lack of water and real food.

Nope. Gastrointestinal yuck. Upper and lower.

Then Master O got it too. Thankfully not as affecting as he usually gets everything that goes around.

Bless the small distances in an RV. I could get to each of the children quickly in the middle of the night and had a convertible bed so I could sleep nearer to them and not disturb the hubs every time I had to get up.

Now both us parents are really feeling the discomfort.

Thankful that we are where we are for many several weeks. Rest. Hydrate. Work on our appetites.

One thing I do miss a bit about our house. A washing machine that can handle bigger loads. Luckily we are parked with family right now so we managed to get everything cleaned up. I do kinda love how fast laundry gets done via laundromat.

22 Years On…

Back in Washington in our home.

We are, of course, South Dakota residents, and my office is still in Colorado, but seeing that home is where your rump rests, home is, once again, Washington.

As an aside, either the climb up from the Columbia was astoundingly steep, or that last fill-up of bulk, unwashed hippie tears–uh, I mean diesel in Oregon had some sort of power-robbing properties in it. UPGRAYEDD did not like the drive up that ridge at all.