#campmobile – ford transit with custom buildout. Reliable, efficient, and stealthy. What’s your ideal getaway rig?

Sometimes the simple mods are the best.

Could you build one? I’ll bet you could. Just a sheet of 5/8″ or 3/4″ plywood, a straight-edge, a basic battery-powered circular saw, and maybe a power drill to screw everything together and I think this could be cobbled in an afternoon.



I’ve been delayed by a late amazon delivery of crucial art supplies. So, in the meantime, this old nerd practices. #comics #lettering

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, I dabbled a bit in drawing. I’m afraid the business of living – just surviving – got in the way and I’d lost my interest.

I sometimes wonder if I should pick up a reasonable pen and a compact art pad for the occasional creative endeavor.

Overnight Locations

Places we’ve been over the last five months.

Some of them are places we’ve camped for a night, or several/many.

Others are fuel stops along our route or maybe a quick stop at highway rest areas to stretch the legs.

What I really need is a free, live-tracking tool for my iPhone. Something capable of simply plotting where I am on a map for the world to see.

Probably a good argument for me to learn some of the Google Maps APIs and maybe some iPhone dev stuff.