Goodbye Karma Neverstop

Karma is a relatively new in the whole wireless data biz. You’ll recall we ordered one of their units and subscribed to Neverstop – an “unlimited” data offering at $50/month.

A few customers treated it as truly unlimited – they were pulling down about 1TB a month. Not many, but some.

So, about month later, Karma announced they were going to limit the capacity to 15GB per month, still at $50. Seemed reasonable to us.

Today, about another month later, Karma announced they’re pulling the plug on Neverstop.


Karma will be rolling existing Neverstop subscribers into their new Pulse program. $35 a month for 5GB and no rollover. Actually, it’s $40/month for 5GB of data – it’s just that existing Neverstop subscribers get $5 for the first three months.

Insert joke here about “never stop” having, in fact, stopped.


We’ll keep it for awhile and have switched to the 5GB plan. We have a business data plan for our primary usage, but because internet connectivity is critical for work, the Karma will remain in the arsenal as a backup plan.


Oh, and I don’t feel like peeling the Karma sticker off the rig just now.