Rainbow Chase RV Park

Don’t stay at Rainbow Chase RV Resort outside of Disney World. Bad business practices. Rude behavior and attitude from the owner when asked if we could come to a middle ground to resolve the issue.

This RV park is on the Fulltime Families website as a kid family park. I disagree.

He is unwilling to update their website to reflect that children are not welcome over 14 days AND that they have a non-refundable deposit. No reference to any cancelation consequences period.

Even though I asked myriad of questions he told me I didn’t ask enough questions. That I would have found those thing out if I had. I find it extremely shady to not publish policy so that you can be silly milky with it.

While I don’t exactly have a problem with the fact that they don’t take credit cards I do have a problem with the fact that I had to go out of my way to mail them a check for the deposit in November. They never sent me any kind of receipt.

We originally planned to stay for a week but figured we ought to take advantage of monthly rates and stay a bit longer. We basically had to walk away from our $50. I refuse to give home another penny. While to some $50 is nothing, it is quite a bit to me.