Differing Views

It’s not a mechanical phenomenon, but it’s overwhelmingly true that the people who make it to decision-making positions (that is, what they think of as decision-making positions) are those who conform to the basic framework of the people who fundamentally own and run the society. That’s why you have a certain choice of technocratic managers and not some other choice of people equally or better capable of carrying out policies but have different ideas.

Noam Chomsky. (via vulturehooligan)


(via expeditionarygeocaching)

Couple things come to mind:

1. This is probably why I’ll spend a lifetime doing technical jobs: engineering, development, architecture and such. It could be that I’m simply better at doing those things than I am at managing… or leading.

2. The quote from the Hitchhiker’s Guide by Douglas Adams: “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

It’s not so bad after all.