Repair Facilities are for Repairs

Parked safe and sound after 11 long hours next to I95 plus another 2 hours to rig up a solution to get us off the Highway and away from the swaying influence of traffic.

Those 2 hours included the 16 mile trek to the Auto Tow and Repair shop at 10-15 miles an hour. Thankfully only a mile of that was to the closest exit but the rest were on surface streets through small coastal towns in Connecticut with a yellow light flashing escort at “last call” on a Saturday night. More than one group of people on the side of the road partying stopped to gawk.

The angle the fifth wheel was sitting at on the side of the road was nerve racking, a bit nauseating and frankly a bit scary to me. It is one thing to have a flat, you just change the tire and be on your way, but to have all the wheel studs sheer off… Challenging.

We’re parked. Safe. We can be here till the parts are able to be procured. We don’t have much water onboard and I will have to get some more paper plates, bowls and cups to limit use. We have our own beds, food in the fridge and we will go exploring in a bit.

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