Something’s Fishy in Verizon-land

So, the other day, Verizon announced it was going to start disconnecting customers at the end of August who have grandfathered, business-class, ‘unlimited data’ plans. Arstechnica has an article.

This is big news to people who actually have those grandfathered unlimited plans… like us.

Admittedly, we typically hit somewhere between 100 & 150G/month. Last month, we hit 208G.

Now, what’s really, really strange about this is that my Jetpack has suddenly – I mean, within the last 24 hours – stopped incrementing its data counter. As in: as of last night, I’d used 15.431 GB of data in this cycle.

As of right now, even after nearly a full day’s work with two audio-conferences that would’ve used about 50MB of data, plus a 30-minute video-conference which, itself, will have used about 180MB of data, and several SSH sessions (yeah, I’m old-school that way) that would’ve been another 50 MB or so, it would have increased that 15.431 GB to at -least- 15.711 GB (but should probably be much closer to 16GB), it still reads exactly 15.431 GB of usage:


Up until this morning, this thing has been pretty much spot-on with usage reports.

I’m calling shenanigans. Something very strange and very suspicious is happening with Verizon’s data counters.

edit: OR maybe Verizon’s very own bandwidth metrics tool is being unexpectedly DDoS’d by actual customers trying to get some information out of it.

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