Well, That’s Not as Annoying

After a bit of research, I realized I was most certainly using the wrong revision of instructions. Whoops.

I have a Rev 4 kit, but the instructions I’ve been using are Rev 3.

Well, that also explains why I have

  • four 10uF capacitors instead of six
  • a few extra 1uF ceramic capacitors and
  • why I have two extra resistors laying about

The good news is that I won’t have to remove or rework anything, yet I won’t know for sure until I’m done assembling and testing.

Note to self: make sure the schematics match the PCB… and vice versa.

The story so far:


Still several more things to do yet:

  • toroids to wind,
  • a few potentiometers to install,
  • jacks for headphones and an external key,
  • a few pushbuttons,
  • and of course a display

Will it work? No idea. But I’m eager to find out.

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