Late Additions to the SCC Tools List?

Having a read over the SCC AMT Student Handbook and there are a few late additions that will be required — a few that are for me anyway.

First: We’ll need to provide our own coveralls. I’m sure the apron and the Workman Utilikilt that I use when woodworking wouldn’t be at all appropriate. One of those details that slipped through the cracks, so be sure to venture out to a local purveyor or click around on Amazon to select some coveralls. Probably best to have two.

Second: and this one is slightly more annoying for me, the Student Handbook says, “Students will be required to have locking toolboxes” (§19, “Tools, Books and Lockers”, p13).

I’m not sure if maybe I missed that locking part during orientation. While both of the larger rolling tool cabinets that I’ve had in my shop for some time are locking, we’re not storing rolling cabinets in the hangar yet*.

The problem is that the toolbag I had retasked for AMT isn’t lockable. It’s an open-top toolbag. So, I’ll need to track down a locking toolbox or even pick one up from a local DIY center.

*I get the impression that we’re only storing rolling carts in the hangar after the first or second term. But it occurs to me, with the books and other materials we’ll have, that it would be make sense to have rolling tool cart storage sooner rather than later.

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