Virtual Trip-Hazard?

So I’m using the iPhone Measure app to plot out a size of a small structure. After I capture two edges, I walk over to virtually draw out a third… carefully STEPPING OVER one of the virtual drawn lines.


Yep, augmented reality can be immersive enough.

I know how to use and am quite comfortable with a landscape tape (which I have) and a theodolite (which I don’t have), I have to say that, yes, the iPhone’s Measure tool is quite accurate — it does have some curious behavior over uneven surfaces, but over the surface that I was estimating a layout, it’s demonstrated to be within about an inch over a 26-foot distance.

If the surface were flatter, it would probably be spot-on.

Now, if we could find a way to have it snap to 90-degree angles — that would be even more amazing than it already is.

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