Uh, This Message, Um, Is About, Er…

Sometimes, we’ll need to listen to someone drone on with variations of “uh” and “um” 1,440 times… in an hour. It would be quite annoyingly (and distractingly) interrupted by the occasional use of technical terms.

After a few minutes, I concluded that it must not have been the result of any distractions but was likely a psychological difficulty. It’s quite difficult, as a listener, to follow along with technical concepts when the presenter is struggling with a speech disfluency as significant as this.

Gut the Notifications

I’ve been saying and insisting for a few years that notifications of all kinds are interruptions.

Turn them off.

You do not need to send out a notification that an automatic process as run automatically.

Turn them off!

You never need to tell someone that an automatic thing has occurred “just in case” they would find it helpful.

Stop interrupting!

Or people will implement their own automation to simply suppress the constant, incessant interruptions.


Don’t assume that somebody else possesses the same knowledge that you do. And never become frustrated when you feel that you’re either talking beyond them, or well-beneath them.

Another person’s knowledge and experience differs.

You will need to find a way to communicate your ideas at a level that they can understand.

This means you’ll need to reduce the concepts significantly…

…or expand your own knowledge to communicate at a differing level than you’re accustomed to.

Also, common sense isn’t.