Still Funny

We’re using Hubot for very limited automation and integration with our messaging apps. We’ve renamed it from “hubot” to “alfred”.

To make a request, you simply begin with “alfred …” Like, for example, you need it to build a cluster, the instruction might be alfred build <region> <name> Of course, the ‘region’ and ‘name’ are variables that you’ll define when running it. You could even just do alfred help to get a complete list of every defined process that it’s capable of. Really simplistic, honestly.

But the confusion that arises just from the bot’s name is amusing. People mistakenly (accidentally on purpose?) type things like:

  • albert build us-west-2 devcluster
  • alvin build eu-west-1 mycluster
  • althea help
  • alexa do the build

Heh… remember that SNL skit from a couple of years ago? Same thing, really:

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