Charging or Not

So, I’m sitting outside while I work today, enjoying the fresh air.

I keep getting distracted by the neighbor’s occasional outbursts as he fiddles about with the wiring on his middle-aged travel trailer. Rather, it’s not so much that he’s fiddling with the wiring on the trailer, but on his tow vehicle.

He’ll periodically walk back to the rear of the trailer and look at its taillights.

Then he’ll walk up and fiddle with his Yukon’s wiring at its taillights.

Light lenses are off. Bulbs hanging out. Wiring pulled up.

Runs back and checks the taillight on the trailer.

Mumbles something and walks back to fiddle about the tow vehicle’s taillights some more.

I wonder if I should mention to him that the stock trailer plug on his Yukon isn’t wired directly to his taillights at all… but to a MBEC under the dash.

Nah, it’s more entertaining this way.

He’s swapped out a few fuses.

He’s swapped out bulbs.

He’s plugged in an extension cord from inside the RV into his truck. I can only guess to maybe charge its battery.

He’s even pulled his other vehicle (seems his wife is driving the chase-car) up to the front of the rig and hooked up jumper cables.

He does seem quite confident that he’s got it entirely under control though.

And yet I seem to find myself speculating wildly about what degree of electrical damage has been done to his vehicle… or trailer.

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