Sunday RV-Living Chores

Had a busy Sunday today:

New front tires mounted. The previous pair were pretty well-worn. Not the tread, as such, but they lost a wheel weight at some point and started wearing unevenly. Downright strangely. Might also be worsened by having some worn front shocks.

Speaking of shocks… I replaced UPGRAYEDD’s rear shocks today. It takes all of five minutes or so. It’s a good thing I replaced them, too. The old ones weren’t just worn–they were completely floppy. I think I’ll order some front shocks and swap them out at the next opportunity.

I did 10,000 mile oil change #n+1, dropping off the used at recycling. It wasn’t due for it just yet but I suspect we won’t have an opportunity at any campgrounds for at least the next three or four months.

Also done today was another step on our generator install–routing the exhaust duct and health/safety testing the result. I’ve a thermometer and a digital-read carbon monoxide detector in the bay as well as another CO detector in the room above it, plus the built-in unit. Triple redundancy and none of them measured more than 1ppm during the half-hour test. I still need to source a transfer switch and a few feet of 6-3/8-1 cable to finish the install, but that can wait a few months.

Next on the agenda: a nearly-empty bottle of whiskey needs to be disposed and this knee needs to be rested.

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