Interwebbing is Hard!

You wouldn’t know that I’ve been involved in technology in one way or another for the last 30+ years: I’ve just recently discovered the little Google Followers Stalkers gadget/widget for Blogger.

And what’s really depressing is that now that I’ve turned it on, it appears that I have gained, uh… let’s see here… one follower.

That’s funny right there.

So, for Eastern Iowa Firearms Training, thanks for the hat-tip. If I ever find myself out that way, there’s probably going to be a range day involved.

For everyone else, welcome to the random and mostly sanitized thoughts that rattle around in my head. Feel free to hit the Join This Site button in the righthand sidebar.

Also, as an aside, if I were to actually click that link myself, it would:

  • technically double my registered readership
  • be a bit like high-fiving myself in public; much the same way as Liking one’s own post on Facebook.

Yeah, I’m kinda strange that way.

2 thoughts on “Interwebbing is Hard!

  1. :) I'll take you up on the range visit John the next time you're passing through! As for followers – it's taken me well over a year to squeek past 30 followers . . . . not that I'm counting . . . :)Have a great night sir!

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