Motorcycle Police Chase on Helmet Cam

It’s only about a five minute chase, with a foot-pursuit, but it’s an interesting perspective.


Often times people break out the “suspects are innocent until proven guilty” remark. If there’s video evidence of the commission of a crime, then you’re not a suspect, you’re a perpetrator. Also, the video is proof of guilt. So, the perpetrator is guilty. He did look like a rather young fellow, so he’ll probably be given a stern warning.

In other news, motorcycle cops are sporting helmet cams now. So that’s kinda neat.

Time to Upgrade My Windows Machine

I keep an older but suitably-well-performing Windows XP machine in the house for my ham radio and general radio stuff. But, it looks like MS is finally going to pull the plug on XP support one year from now: read.

**sigh** Looks like I’ll either need to really crank down its security or, if I want regular updates, look into a Win 7 license for the machine.