Time to Upgrade My Windows Machine

I keep an older but suitably-well-performing Windows XP machine in the house for my ham radio and general radio stuff. But, it looks like MS is finally going to pull the plug on XP support one year from now: read.

**sigh** Looks like I’ll either need to really crank down its security or, if I want regular updates, look into a Win 7 license for the machine.


After thinking about it a bit — and seeing what Google is doing to its freebies — I decided I’m going to start exploring my options of moving from Blogger to WordPress.

If anyone wants to test it out, try here: blog.esthermofet.com

If everything works out well enough, I’ll just update DNS to point away from the Google version and over to my own.

Global Warming, My Ass…

Here it is, April 8, 2013. It’s 70 degrees outside right now and I’m in my Partitioned Compartment of Doom. Here’s the forecast for the next few days:

Look at that… the temperature is going to go from 70F now to 16F by midnight with an estimated low of 3F.

OMG — the Globull-Warmening is causing temperatures to drop!!!!!111

In other news, I have some team mates in town who have never seen snow. Ever. They’re from Sri Lanka. Boy, won’t they be surprised when they wake up tomorrow to see nine inches of frigid precipitation outside their hotel door.