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Outdoor installation by Aram Bartholl is a fire-powered wifi router which can make PDFs on survival available when heated:

The boulder from the region Neuenkirchen, Niedersachsen contains a
thermoelectric generator which converts heat directly into electricity.
Visitors are invited to make a fire next to the boulder to power up the
wifi router in the stone which then reveals a large collection of PDF
survival guides. The piratebox.cc
inspired router which is NOT connected to the Internet offers the users
to download the guides and upload any content they like to the stone
database. As long as the fire produces enough heat the router will stay
switched on. The title Keepalive refers to a technical network condition
where two network endpoints send each other ‘empty’ keepalive messages
to maintain the connection.

More Here

Think about it: if you aren’t smart enough to know how to build a fire, much less one that’s sufficient to power the thing, then you’re not going to get the survival docs.

Then again, I suspect that people who might have the skills to construct the fire are also not the kind who’d have much immediate need for such docs.

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