Again… And in my back yard

Loaded up the youngest munchkins in the car and headed out to meet some friends for a caravan trip to central Colorado–on the way, Aurora PD had the major road near the house blocked off…

Turns out there was a “hostage situation” of some sort very near the secret city bunker.

Why did I get a flood of IMs and texts from people asking if I’m okay? Or if I was involved.

Yes, it was near us–about 1/2 mile away.

No, I don’t know exactly where.

No, I know nothing at all about the murders. I’ve been driving for the last 6 hours with no news.

No, I do -not- think this is one more reason to ban guns. Quite the opposite, actually.

The Double-plus Ungood Negative Non-Tax Increase

It’s interesting how the stance of “we won’t raise taxes on the middle class” really means “we’re in charge and you’ll give us whatever we want.”

I received my first paystub of the year yesterday and had a chance to look it over.

I could have used that money to do all manner of frivolous things. For example, putting fuel in my car for a month so I could get to and from work; or putting it into a savings account; or maybe paying down my own debt more quickly.

But, those would be responsible things to do.

Instead, the government will continue confiscating a larger and larger portion of my work, forcing me to pay for things that I do not want.

On the continuing tax increases, if you think this year’s increase was large (and it was, unless you’re mathematically incompetent) just you wait ’til øbamacare gets into full-force!