My Stance on Gun Rights

Wait … you mean you don’t know what my stance is on Gun Rights?

Am I in favor of gun rights?

Let’s be clear: Guns don’t have any rights–they’re only tools.

A person has rights.

I am very much in favor of The People maintaining their rights — all the way down to, and in particular, the smallest minority — to exist peaceably and unmolested.

I also recognize that there is evil in the world that will commence violence against those peaceable citizens. Those evil monsters have no regard for morals, laws, or the rights of others.

The peaceable citizens must therefore have at their immediate disposal all sufficient tools to ensure they maintain their rights. That includes all variety and nature of firearms that may be needed to fend off violent criminals and, yes, even tyrannical governments who will do them harm.

Any bully — any tyrant — who makes any attempt to eliminate or even cheapen the rights of the citizenry in any manner only serves to strengthen further my resolve to resist their efforts.