The People Are Speaking…

…are the politicians listening?

Spotted over at The Smallest Minority, reports of a Florida Senate-critter having a survey on his website asking if people would be in favor of reinstating a federal assault weapon ban. The joke is that there were 23 Yes votes, 27 No votes, 0 Undecided votes — for a total of 1745 recorded votes.

Only in government non-reality does 23 + 27 + 0 = 1745. No wonder they have spending problems.

But here’s the thing: they fixed it. And people are voting. And this is what it looks like right now:

That’s 125 votes in favor of, 6327 opposed, and 20 with no opinion (in which case, I ask, why would you have bothered to click through?) for a total of 6472 votes.

That, my friends is The People saying, “Hell no.”