On Boston – Under the Radar?

Couldn’t sleep, so I was doing the next dangerous thing: reading email and news.

After looking at a few still-photos of the Boston bombing, and comparing it with some video I did with muzzleloaders a few months ago, I find myself wondering if this was a crude black powder blast.

Not smokeless. Not substitute.

Black powder.

There’s lots of light-colored smoke and orange fire but not much energy when compared to modern military compounds.

On to motive:

It’s natural to wonder what kind of person would do such a thing.

There is, after all, a reason for everything; crazy people always have a reason for perpetrating evil deeds on innocent people.

I’m at a loss to comprehend what a single psychotic person would gain by the commission of such an act.

I -can- think of a few “under the radar” things that a government could stand to gain. I certainly hope I’m very wrong about that.

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