Google Reader – At It Again

Looks like Google’s at it again with a few more modifications to the Google Reader. I’m seeing site icons for followed feeds and sites, a little red thumper when refreshing feeds, and now a G+Share button.

Are they going to update keyboard commands for efficiency, too? Maybe bring back my shared items so I could at least harvest the data?

Nope, not yet.

The Tassel is Worth the What?

Got this from Boy Wonder’s school the other day. It’s the graduation cap/gown/ring/memorabilia order packet:

So, what’s wrong with it?

– Public education is 13 years, not 12.

– Misspelled hassle as “hassel”.

– Incorrect capitalization.

This feels a little bit like celebrating a SCUBA certification by drowning puppies.

To the people who are pushing this crap: I’ve upped my standards. Up yours.