6.8 SPC Thoughts

My interests are evolving.

Lately, I’ve been pining over a 20″ 6.8SPC upper (with matched BCG)… and perhaps some inexpensive fixed glass to go with it.

For glass, I’m thinking about the SWFA 10x. Price is tolerable and I hear the quality is surprisingly good for that price point.

Then there’s the issue of magazines and cartridge availability — or rather, the lack thereof on both counts.

I suppose this year is the one that I’ll need to invest in some reloading equipment, but I know very little about it other than what I want, versus what I can afford.

I want a kick-ass progressive press with all of the automatic options. But I don’t have money or space to dedicate a workbench to such a venture. What, with the startling decrease in the size of my paychecks and all.

I can afford maybe starting with a hand press.

My requirements are: inexpensive, reasonably good quality, compact enough so all of the gear (minus consumables) can fit into a medium-sized toolbox.

So, here it is: where in the world do I start?

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