Oh, Great — More OWS Stuff

I like Floyd. I especially like Meddle, Dark Side, Momentary Lapse of Reason, and Division Bell. I even appreciate The Wall…

Now, go watch the video on this page.

Consider that the current costs of a

  • concert ticket to The Roger Waters’ The Wall 2012 (the Denver show) $375 each — prices vary, but that’s the cheapest I’ve found so far
  • a newly-remastered, newly re-released box set of each Floyd album: $110 each — and there are several

I’ll be skipping the show for sure. No, not because I can’t afford it (I could easily save and take a few friends — that’s how finance works) but because Roger’s logic doesn’t follow.

It goes something like this:

  • 99% of people are being raped financially by 1% of people
  • We should redistribute the wealth from the 1% to the 99%
  • I’m rich beyond my wildest dreams because I’ve become part of the 1%
  • I’m going to charge you out the ass to see my show because I know that you’ll pay

Gargle my balls.

I’m going to go to Australian Pink Floyd instead. Sure, I know you’re a founding member of the original Tea Set, er Pink Floyd, but I simply don’t like you… so I’ll give my money to somebody else.

Carry on.

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